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Pro Loco Grezzano: ‘In Favor of the Place’ I Call Home

If you follow this blog at all, you’ll have no doubt noticed that I’m rather fond of the sleepy Tuscan village I call home. Not unlike countless small towns throughout Italy, beneath Grezzano’s homespun appearance lies centuries of historical intrigue, legend … Continue reading

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Borgo San Lorenzo: A Wartime Snapshot

Borgo San Lorenzo was liberated on September 11, 1944. Days later, Allies would break through the Gothic Line in a series of crucial battles fought in the mountains to the north. This photograph shows locals returning to Borgo with their belongings after … Continue reading

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Jülich: Past and Present (and Future?)

This brief post has little to do with the topics I usually write about, save the WWII connection. Yet who can resist any historical tidbit related to one’s personal ancestry? All American Gulicks have a common ancestor, Hendrick Van Gulick—born in … Continue reading

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The Passo dell’Osteria Bruciata, or ‘Burnt Inn’ Pass: A Macabre Mugello Legend

In the late Middle Ages, the principal road between Florence and Bologna crossed a stretch of Apennine mountain ridge that also connects the Mugello towns of Scarperia and Firenzuola. This strategic route, known today as the Passo dell’Osteria Bruciata, or … Continue reading

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Villa Striano: A Mugello Landmark

As the crow flies, Villa Striano is about five minutes east of Grezzano, set back into the ridge of Apennine foothills that skirt the northern and eastern sides of the Mugello valley. It is the site of one of the … Continue reading

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In Memoriam – Marco Buzzichelli

Today is a sad anniversary here in Grezzano. Two years ago, on May 17, 2012, Marco Buzzichelli was killed in our piazza while attempting to stop a runaway bus carrying 23 first- and second-grade children who had been attending a … Continue reading

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Remembering Grezzano, 1943-1944

Edoardo Braschi’s Lavoravo alla Todt: La Costruzione della Linea Gotica nel Mugello (‘I worked for Todt: The Construction of the Gothic Line in the Mugello’) outlines the history of the Todt organization, the German military engineering group sometimes referred to as the construction … Continue reading

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