Farewell Lucia Boetto Testori


Lucia Boetto during the war

One of the last surviving participants in the Italian Resistance died today. Lucia Boetto was born in 1920 near Cuneo. During the Resistance, together with her future husband Renato Testori, Lucia was the official liaison between the Piedmont CLN (Comitato di Liberazione Nazionale) and the Enrico Martini divisions. Like many female partisans, she worked as a courier, transporting secret documents, messages, and weapons between the Cuneo area and Turin. In the summer of 1944, she collaborated with the Allies on various missions, and is remembered particularly for having delivered a Medal of Honor awarded to partisans in northern Italy by the Italian government, hiding it under her coat to ensure its arrival. Lucia received a bronze medal for valor, in recognition of her bravery and the sacrifices she made to participate in the movement. Even after her invaluable services became known to the Germans—she was targeted by the S.S.—Lucia continued her vital role as a tireless messenger and guide.

Lucia Boetto Testori was 95 years old. Her funeral is tomorrow in Turin.

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