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Brave New Mayor: Omoboni Defends Commuter Rights—And How!

The new mayor of Borgo San Lorenzo, Paolo Omoboni, was a founding member of the committee Mugello Attaccati al Treno, a group dedicated to promoting commuter rights in our region and exposing frustrations and inconveniences faced by commuters who rely on the … Continue reading

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Another Enigma: The Strikingly Un-Italian Italian Strike

On Friday, May 6, 2011 there was a general strike in Italy. Strike days are a hell for commuters who use public transport. I curse Italy a lot on strike days. Before living here, my own notion of labor strikes … Continue reading

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Don’t Touch That Button! The Italian Bus Stop Controversy

We’ve all taken a bus at least once in our lives. If it’s been a while, think back. Remember how it works? You’re on the bus, enjoying the view, reading the paper, or judging a punky-looking kid who won’t offer his seat … Continue reading

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