In Memoriam – Marco Buzzichelli


Today is a sad anniversary here in Grezzano. Two years ago, on May 17, 2012, Marco Buzzichelli was killed in our piazza while attempting to stop a runaway bus carrying 23 first- and second-grade children who had been attending a field trip to Grezzano’s Casa d’Erci. The bus had been parked in our piazza—from here children walk towards the upper part of town, right past my house in fact, to the museum and didactic center—where, according to one hypothesis, the emergency brake was possibly disengaged while the children were reboarding that afternoon. Buzzichelli, 44, was outside the bus and immediately tried to get on board after it began drifting towards the ravine that skirts our town. He was killed when the bus struck a tree. A handful of children were injured but none seriously.

The plaque on the tree just where the Grezzano bridge opens up onto the piazza reads: “In memory of Marco Buzzichelli, who gave his life for the smallest ones.”

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One Response to In Memoriam – Marco Buzzichelli

  1. Joyce says:

    As a retired school bus driver this hits me hard. His only thought was to save those children and he did. So sad, my heart goes out to everyone. He was a hero.

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