Pro Loco Grezzano: ‘In Favor of the Place’ I Call Home

photo by Luca Varlani

photo by Luca Varlani

If you follow this blog at all, you’ll have no doubt noticed that I’m rather fond of the sleepy Tuscan village I call home. Not unlike countless small towns throughout Italy, beneath Grezzano’s homespun appearance lies centuries of historical intrigue, legend and lore, ancestral recipes, and (most fortunate for yours truly) locals happy to oblige my curiosity about wartime experiences in these parts.

I’m very pleased then to learn that plans to start a Pro Loco for the Luco di Mugello-Grezzano townships are moving forward. The local publication Il Filo del Mugello reports that later this month a public assembly is to be held in Luco to elect a council and settle other inaugural matters. A Pro Loco will help a town like ours to organize and promote social and cultural activities of interest to visitors and residents alike, generating, ideally, greater visibility for this very special place. See below.









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4 Responses to Pro Loco Grezzano: ‘In Favor of the Place’ I Call Home

  1. well that’s great news!

  2. Michelle says:

    What lovely photos! I want to come visit!

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