Farewell Bianca Guidetti Serra

Guidetti Serra with Primo Levi

Guidetti Serra with Primo Levi

Bianca Guidetti Serra, a partisan in the Susa Valley area during the war, died yesterday at her home in Turin.  Her role in the Resistance included courier work and printing and distributing anti-Fascist posters and materials. As soon as the war ended, in May of 1945, Guidetti Serra married Alberto Salmoni, whom she had met in high school. The two became more involved in the Italian Communist Party in the post-war period.  They were close friends of Primo Levi.

Guidetti Serra went on to become a labor attorney, and has been called one of the most important advocates in Italy for the rights of workers, children, and prisoners.  She served on the Turin city council and the Italian parliament, a member of the anti-mafia commission. In parliament she earned the nickname Bianca la Rossa (a play on her name, which means white, and red, symbolic color of her political party).

Sergio Chiamparino, President of the Piedmont region, said of her today, ‘She was a person of the highest moral and intellectual vigor, one the pillars of the Turinese Resistance and of our Constitution.’

She was 94 years old.

Bianca Guidetti Serra (1919-2014)

Bianca Guidetti Serra (1919-2014)

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