Brave New Mayor: Omoboni Defends Commuter Rights—And How!

omoboniThe new mayor of Borgo San Lorenzo, Paolo Omoboni, was a founding member of the committee Mugello Attaccati al Treno, a group dedicated to promoting commuter rights in our region and exposing frustrations and inconveniences faced by commuters who rely on the infamous regional line, la via faentina (part-inspiration of this blog).

Formerly a city council member and activist for the PSI (Italian Socialist Party), Omoboni has been a spokesperson for local commuters for years. How dedicated a commuter is he? Not long ago, to protest the removal of tracks along la faentina (i.e. reduced train service), Omoboni bore all for the good of his fellow commuters. Covered only by a box, he delivered this speech on the platform of the train station at Fontebuona, indicting officials for creating more and longer delays for commuters by removing tracks, rather than improving and expanding train service. The box reads ‘Strip us of everything but not our train tracks.’

in slightly less-scandalous dress, Mayor Paolo Omoboni (photo from his website)

Mayor Paolo Omoboni (photo from his website:



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