Pasqua, Pasquetta…

my mother-in-law's pasta verde con ragu

Happy Easter to loved ones near and far.

Today is Easter Sunday, 2011, my tenth Easter holiday in Italy and the tenth to be celebrated in wonderfully down-home Italian style at my in-laws. I’m looking forward to a relaxed, chore-free, highly caloric day.

Like Christmas, New Years, the births of my California friends’ babies and my family members’ birthdays, Easter is a bittersweet time. In about an hour I’ll be with my Italian family, spending the afternoon with people I adore, struggling (still!) to keep up with their jokes and discussions, happy and grateful as ever to have been blessed with such a second family. But some hours later, on the other side of the world, my first family will wake up and begin preparing for an equally delicious, traditional (well, our very peculiar traditions at least!) and all around grand Easter celebration. And I won’t be there.

Phone calls and Facebook help. But let’s face it: life in a country not your own is a life split in two. Wherever you are, you’re far away from someone you love.

One small consolation: tomorrow is Pasquetta (“little Easter”), a national holiday in Italy and thus another day home to play, to not be bothered with train schedules. Thanks to an unfortunate oversight on the part of whoever manages liturgical bookings, this moveable feast also landed on Liberation Day, another Italian holiday. So we working folks got kind of screwed this year on the holiday front, yet Americans will say in Europe we get too many holidays anyway….but that’s another post altogether.

Buona Pasqua, Pasquetta a tutti. And Happy Liberation, too.


April 24, 2011

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One Response to Pasqua, Pasquetta…

  1. Mom says:

    Happy Easter Amy, it is bittersweet for me too. I always miss you but I am so proud of you and the life you made yourself.

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